Here are some selected references:
Trumpf TRUMPF Hüttinger GmbH + Co.KG, Freiburg:
Development of control firmware for high power generators used for plasma and induction applications.
Realtime applications under embedded linux with C, usage of UML tools (Rapsody). Interfaces: CAN, Profibus, ASIP, Ethernet, RS232/485

Lantronix Lantronix, Irvine (Kalifornien):
Please here read the report about Eusotec direct from the Lantronix web page. We are partner of Lantronix and specialists for applications using TCP/IP and WLAN (Web server, generation of alarm emails, FTP, XML data exchange, connection of serial devices to the internet).

Reiner SCT Reiner SCT, Furtwangen:
USB- and hardware driver development based on Atmel controllers for using NAND Flash chips as mass storage devices, USB Card reader Interface. We used the IAR development environment.

Sick Sick AG, Waldkirch:
Various international embedded safety critical projects with partners from USA and Japan (parts were done by us direct in Japan). We used new developed multi processor boards with Infineon and Fujitsu controllers. Different emulators and analysis devices on different development environments were used. Our jobs contained project planning, execution and controlling (implementation, integration, tests and quality documentation). Embedded parts were realized with C and assembler, Windows based automated test systems were programmed in C++ and Visual Basic

PTW PTW-Freiburg Physikalisch-Technische Werkstätten Dr. Pychlau GmbH, Freiburg:
Microsoft WPF development (C# and .NET 4.0) with 3D rotating window animations. Various windows based applications for graphical analyzing and calculation of radiologic measurement values. (Microsoft Visual Basic, COM).
Embedded Data base for storing measurement values (used language C with RTOS operating system).

GE GE Medical Systems Information Technologies, Freiburg und Annapolis / USA :
Connection of intensive care infusion pumps to a windows based clinical information system. Extension of the existing application with complex calculations and fluid management (C++ /MFC, interface based on XML and Microsoft COM technology, parts were done by us direct in Annapolis/USA). Suppport and various software extensions.

Stryker Stryker Leibinger GmbH & Co.KG., Freiburg:
Verification and validation of new software for customized cranial implants. Development of a windows based medival navigation system (C++/QT)

Lexware Lexware GmbH & Co. KG, Freiburg:
Development support for the projects "Faktura Pro" and "Buchhalter" (.NET / C++ , SQL, XML, XSL und XPATH)

Prisma-Ecotech GmbH Prisma-Ecotech GmbH, Norsingen:
Hardware driver and firmware applications for energy systems (CAN-Bus, RS232, FRAM, Flash memory, A/D converter, I/Os, Timer, DMA, hardware tests, flashing via CAN and RS232), Development of a windows based device configuration tool, boot loader / firmware and data update software (PC and device), monitoring software (PC and device)