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Eusoport Davis Nexus Weather Station Online Data Webserver
Our Eusoport with Davis® Vantage Pro weather station, handled with the optional cloud.
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Eusoport rating Davis Nexus Weather Station Online Data Webserver
Actual ratings for our Eusoport products by our customers.
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Eusoport demo Davis Nexus Weather Station Online Data Webserver

Eusoport pro and Eusoport pro+ for Davis®, Nexus und Sinus weather stations

Here are some facts of the Eusoport:
  1. Supports all weather stations of Davis® Vantage 2, Vue, Envoy (except of Envoy 8X) and Nexus, Sinus of TFA Dostmann
  2. Powerful hardware with up to 1 GB RAM and 64 bit data bus to the memory
  3. (Nearly) unlimited memory because SD cards are used for data storage
  4. In most cases no configuration needed. (Precondition: Operation via USB, LAN cable connected with your home network and usage of our optional Eusotec Cloud - only connect it and call your data worldwide over internet)
  5. Easy configuration of alarms, email-address for alarms, sensor names, etc. with the build in web interface
  6. Integrated PHP web server, FTP server (for example for uploading changed web pages), FTP client, XML and Directlink interface
  7. Public and private data is distinguished
  8. Own webcam images could be easily integrated by entering the web address of the images. Actual weather data is included at the top of your webcam picture
  9. Trigger PHP scripts are called every 10s, every minute and every 5 minutes and could be changed by users. Create your own sensor- and time driven home switches and transfer data to other networks
  10. Support of weather networks like, and
  11. Eusoport supports multiple languages: Currently English, German, Spanish and Swedish is shipped and additional language could be user created
  12. Power consumption: Only about 1.5 Watt
  13. Supports home automation support for AVM® Smart Home products (Fritzbox®).
    Use your Davis® weather station for sensor- and time- driven home automation or switch your devices over the optional Eusotec® Cloud.
  14. Also avialable as cheap download for your Raspberry Pi® device.
  15. Customers of the optional Eusotec Cloud Service are able to generate their own statistics which could be also included into own web pages

Eusoport Davis Nexus Weather Station Online Data Webserver

Mini Webserver for your Devices

Are you developing own devices which measurement data should be remote monitored or controlled via internet?
You do not want to use any PC and the web server should have a power consumption with not more than 1.5 Watt?
No problem: The Eusoport Mini Web Server is universal useable. We are realizing your device specific communication protocol and adapt some HTML page according your requests.
So alarms via email, ftp transfers, XML data exchange and web functionality could be realized within some weeks only.

Contact us and we will give you a individual quotation.

Development of individiual Software Solutions

Eusotec software development
  • Embedded Realtime Development:
    Operating systems and safety critical applications for nearly all available controllers (also multi-tasking)
    Hardware drivers (e.g. CAN, Flash, RS232, SPI, I2C, DMA, etc.)
    Specialized: WLAN, TCP/IP, XML-communication, USB mass storage with NAND-Flash, USB Interfaces, Firmware Downloader, Lantronix Device Programming, M-BUS protocol.

  • Windows based Applications:
    Microsoft .NET, WPF, C#, C++ and Visual Basic.
    Specialized: Device communication and capturing measurement data, visualization and monitoring