Mini Webserver

Eusoport Server WLAN Mini Web Server for your Devices

Eusoport is a mini data logger and web server which is able to monitor data from your devices with USB or Ethernet or WLAN interface. This data could be monitored and displayed worldwide by using standard browsers (also smart phones). Own applications could be developed by using the implemented XML interface. For operation no personal computer is required. You will need only beside your device our Eusoport and a standard router.


  • Data storage with the exact time every 5 minutes. All entries are stored with UTC time synchronized via internet time servers. No correction due daylight saving time is needed. After power down all values remain in the flash memory.
  • All measurement values could be displayed via standard web browsers (also on smart phones). All values are shown with the local time of the calling device.
  • Monitoring of all measurement data or operating states. Alarms are generated via Email when configurable boundaries are exceeded.
  • In most cases NO configuration is required, when using a connection via USB and the Eusotec Cloud. Simply connect and call your data worldwide.
  • Simplest configuration of alarms and email address, sensor names with an easy to use web interface.
  • Flexibility by connecting with WLAN or network cable to your router.
  • New very powerful hardware with 512 MB RAM and 64 data bus to the memory.
  • Small size (ca. 11 x 7 x 2,5 cm) and weight and minimal power consumption (only 3.5 Watt), no maintenance required, data storage on SD cards.
  • Distributed, stand alone solution, no central PC or server needed for operation. Software and Web pages update over internet.
  • Integrated PHP Web server, FTP-Server (e.g. upload of changed web pages), SSH and FTP client, XML and Directlink interfaces.

  • Please contact us if you want to connect your device for a low price. We will change only small parts of our software for your device protocol and adapt the web pages for your requests.
    Test here the functionality of one of our test systems: