Embedded Software Development

We are specialists for hardware orientated software development for real-time applications.

Module3 We have developed many different hardware drivers (e.g. CAN, Flash, RS232, SPI, I2C, DMA, EEPROM, USB, I/O, DMA, etc.), operating systems and safety critical algorithm for various controllers and signal processors (also multi processors with controlling each other and multi tasking)
We have a lot of experience with controller of Atmel, Texas Instruments, Infineon, Lantronix, NEC, Fujitsu, Motorala and of course we are developing software for other signal controllers.

Special Skills:

  • Hardware driver
  • TCP/IP over LAN and WLAN
  • XML communication
  • USB mass storage with NAND Flash
  • USB Interfaces
  • Firmware Downloader (via RS232, CAN, RS485, etc.)
  • Lantronix device programming
  • Bringing new hardware to operation including localizing hardware bugs
  • Automated tests for existing or new software

  • Mostly we are using programming languages like C and C++, but of course also other languages if required.
    Especially performance critical parts are written with assembler.

    Since we have worked for many years (also before founding Eusotec GmbH) in medical and safety critical areas, of course we have a lot experience in creating high quality and robust software. Projects in areas like avionic, energy or navigation are welcome.

    Please contact us, if you will need any support for your projects.
    We are glad to send you an individual quotation.